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I am a musician and fashion stylist in Nashville. My signature look is platinum blonde, but I wanted to change it up. I envied the orange and pink sunset hair pictures from others. It looks amazing and has made me more recognizable around town. The guy who makes my sandwiches at Jimmy John’s even noticed. Platinum blonde seems too vanilla now. I don’t want to go back.
I highly recommend Dana if you are an artist or looking for a radical new look. Need to get back at an ex, be the talk of Match, promote that new record? Say no more. She is excellent at vibrant colors and caring for every hair on your head. She kept repeating “we aren’t going to lose one hair today”. No stylist has ever said that to me before.
This place! You rock Dana!
Sarah Jane Holiday

Musician/Poet, Theatre Nashville Tn

I have been in the Professional Beauty Industry for 30 years. I have known Dana Meredith for 15 of those years. She is one of the most talented & gifted colorists I have ever had the privilege to work with in the beauty industry. Her creativity & knowledge of hair color is endless. If you are looking for someone to do the most difficult color correction to the most natural highlights, Dana is your stylist. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment with Dana, you will be in awe of her talent. I highly recommend her for any type of color needed or wanted. She is simply the best!

Patti Huber

Regional Sales Manager, Sexy Hair Concepts

Excellent professional in color art worldwide level, educator with didactic knowledge, to develop personal, dedicated to her job with passion. What Dana Meredith achieves in me, she discovered my abilities, enhances them and helped me gratefully to grow up and made me a professional with academic and technical knowledge.

Edith Patricia Larios

Technical Director at Flert and RUSK Designer; Flirt Salon el Salvatore

Dana Meredith has taught me color with a new perspective and she has given me the confidence both as an educator and a stylist. Turning heads. Dana knows her color like no one else, she knows every rule from front to back. I hope to keep learning from her. I truly believe this.

Josephine George

Salon Owner Distributor Educator; Trinidad Tobago

Don’t even know how to start this testimony. There are very few people I would fully trust to leave my hair to ( which has been a big part of my identity ), Dana is definitely one of them. I feel honored to have her as one of my mentors. I call her my color guru.


CEO of Zoya Salon; Dallas, Texas

I have worked alongside Dana for years. Her skill of color and hair cutting is one of a master. She has a wealth of knowledge to be able customize a look for each individual. She listens to the client and will give a professional opinion in regards to what’s is going to work for them. Dana truly is a master at her craft.

Marcie Olivas

Owner at Regeneration Spa and Matrix Educator; Missouri

The talent Dana has shown many of us in the industry will be cherished and followed for a life time. Thank you Dana Meredith for always sharing your knowledge. You are truly a talented hair stylist and mentor.

SuBee Courtney

Rusk Education manager, Birmingham Alabama

I have known Dana since our early days as stylists together. Her work is extraordinary! If you are looking for the best colorist in Nashville, you have found her!

Robin Shropshire

L'anza Educator. Roanoke VA

Dana Is absolutely amazing at what she does she took all the black out of my hair and made my hair an even chocolate brown. She took her time and did not let me leave without my hair looking perfect! I love her don’t spend your money anywhere else!

Estephani Garcia

I’m obsessed! You’ve given me the prettiest hair color! ?????? You are magic!

Rachael Elizabeth

Dana Meredith is a creator of mermaids. She delivers quality service with relatable professionalism. Dana is easy to talk to, and listens to your ideas. I left her chair feeling pampered, pastel and pretty. Her work is priceless!

Maybe Saylor

Stylist and Platform Artist; Austin, Texas

Dana is a very professional stylist, qualified to deliver a perfect color leaving the hair beautiful and healthy.

Lupita Delgadillo

Owner, Master Designer; Guadalajara Mexico

Just wanted to let you know everyone loves my hair! My mother will be making an appointment very soon! Thank you!!

Erika Engler

Dana Meredith is simply the Best colorist! Extraordinary professional!

Graciela Ochoas

Salon Owner Rusk educator; Mexico City, Mexico

Quality service, experience, knowledge and a wonderful professional colorist taking care of your hair. What else can you ask? Done.

Oscar Nolasco

Consultant Rusk Mexico City Mx

Dana Meredith is a great colorist and teacher with a strong commitment to her professional work.

Claudia Valle

Salon Owner, Rusk Educator Monterey, Mexico



Dana Meredith Hair is a BBB Accredited Beauty Salon in Nashville, TN


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